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8 Interesting Roofing Facts You Should Know

8 Interesting Roofing Facts You Should Know

8 Interesting Roofing Facts you Should Know

Every day, you may look at your roof and think no more of it. What we hope to do is open the door to roofing facts and industry secrets you may have never even considered.

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Roof cleaning is a real service

Being exposed to the environment, a roof will obviously rack up some dirt. One thing many people are unaware of is the ability to order a roof cleaning. No, we don’t mean cleaning the gutters or down pipes. 

More so, we mean things like moss, algae, or other growths directly on shingles and other roofing materials. It is important for the long-term health of your roof to keep it clean!


Certain businesses specialize in cleaning roofs and have a method that protect all roofing materials with special products and techniques. The cleaning solution they use is even biodegradable to protect plants and the environment. 

Roof Cleaning Institute of America

Roofs are like onions

From the outside, all you may see is wood and shingles, but a roof is a lot like an onion. There are a number of equally important components located under the visible layer. 

The first layer is always the roof decking (aka roof sheathing). It is essential that this layer remains uncompromised by rot for the integrity of the rood to remain intact. 

Then there will be things like the ice and water shield, drip edge, roof underlayment, flashing and shingles. 

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Roofs breathe

Just as all humans require breathing, roofs do too! Ventilation underneath the roof deck is a requirement for the rest of the roofing system.

 The goal of this ventilation is for humidity and air temp to meet the condition outside. By keeping the moist air out, the wood and shingles will have a longer lifespan.

(Family Handyman)

Roof replacements make up 90% of the roofing market

This statistic applies to the North America roofing industry. Being that there are more existing homes than homes being built, this number makes a lot of sense. 

Every year, a new batch of roofs need replacing after a long lifetime of keeping homes dry.

Flat roofs aren't actually flat

A common belief is that flat roofs are actually flat. You may have believed this just as people believed that the earth was flat before more information was presented. Don’t be fooled

No matter what, a roof needs a method to get the water off. The slope of “flat” roofs is actually 1/4″ every foot.  This measurement is so flat that a majority of the time no one would ever notice. 

Things to negotiate with the seller


Not surprisingly, roofing is a huge market. $102.4 billion dollars is definitely not a number that could be counted on two hands. What’s more is that it is expected to reach $156 billion in 2030. This prediction accounts for the increasing construction in developing countries.

China and Canada follow behind the US when it comes to who has the largest slice of the pie.

A defective roof will lead to a loss in resale value

When you walk into a store, do you buy the defective product, or the one that looks brand new? This same effect is seen when in the market for homes. 

If you plan to sell your home, the condition of your roof’s condition could make the difference of thousands of dollars.


When buying a home, safety is a large factor that people consider. If one notices that your roof doesn’t uphold their standard of safety, this could easily be the difference between interest and non-interest in the home.

Around 80% of re-roofing projects in the United States are asphalt roofing


Even though asphalt roofing was introduced to the market slightly before the 1900s it quickly overtook wood for the most popular roofing material by the 1930s.

Most constructions use asphalt shingles because they check all the boxes; Durable, cost-effective, simple install, and high curb appeal. 

Yes, asphalt roofing is the most popular roofing option across the US, but this does not mean it’s right for your roof. Make sure you look into all roofing options before deciding what is best for your home. 


In conclusion, there is always more to learn about roofs, and here at T-10 we know all about them!

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