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A Look Ahead to Trending Roof Colors in 2024

A Look Ahead to Trending Roof Colors in 2024

Photo of a house with an orange layer on top. Text reads "Looking Ahead to Trending Roof Colors in 2024/

While durability, climate suitability, budgeting, and maintenance play crucial roles in consumers’ roofing preferences, color adds an enjoyable element to the decision-making process. This plays a role in your home’s curb appeal, neighborhood aesthetic, and even contributes to energy efficiency.

In this post we will discuss all things when it comes to trending roof colors such as the history, added benefits, and the future. 

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Past choices

Historically neutral tones including brown, gray, and black have retained popularity. This is partially because commonly used materials include wooden and asphalt shingles, that are typically neutral toned. Complementing siding, architectural styles, and remaining in touch with evolving trends also makes neutral colors a suitable choice for homeowners.

Energy efficiency

Because of the large weather fluctuations in the Midwest, the impact of roof colors on heating or cooling properties is often season-specific. However, there has been an increase in lighter-colored or reflective roofing as it is shown to help manage energy consumption and reduce temperatures. The benefits of this are particularly prevalent in the hot summer months. 

It is important that you understand the effects this has in the winter months however. The sun is a powerful tool in reducing energy costs because it heats the home requiring less power from your furnace. 

Looking forward

Neutral tones still have their hold on roofing, but some modern styles are slightly gravitating toward richer colors including dark blues, greens and grays. Some safe choices include rustic cedar, black walnut, or charcoal. 

If you’re looking to lean into the bolder styles ivy green, hunter red, or blue ridge are noteworthy choices.

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The T-10 Selection

Here at T-10 Construction, we work with many shingles. You can explore some of those color options here. 

Our top selection for shingle colors is the Natural Wood. It offers both dimentionality  and a mature sleek look. 

A large house pictured from the sky with natural wood architectural shingles.

*picture curtesy of Malarkey Roofing Products


Approaching roofing with practical considerations is important but the color of your roof is a chance to create a visual statement, lower energy costs, and contribute to the individuality of your home.

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