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T-10 Construction's Company History

T-10 Construction has been proudly serving the Twin Cities Metro area since 2017. What began as founders, Jay Solem and Nate Olson’s innovative partnership, has now evolved into a sensational, value-based, locally recognized company dedicated to serving the hardworking families of the Midwest. T-10 Construction has developed itself into a prosperous, collaborative business as the company’s origins stemmed from a dream and perseverance.

The Founders

Jay Solem spent the emergence of his professional career as a sales representative in a finance firm, but later came to realize that he really did not enjoy being stuck and stagnant in an office day after day. Jay stumbled upon an ad in a newspaper and wanted to see if he enjoyed roofing sales. While he enjoyed the work and daily exposure to new environments, Jay wanted to become a part of something better- a company that reflected his values. His goal was to create a widespread company with a dynamic that allows for a highly skilled team (sales representatives, production managers, etc.) to focus on their specialized roles. This leads to increased efficiency and higher sales which in turn gives employees the benefits they deserve. Jay knew he could make his dream a reality with the help of Nate Olson.

Nate Olson holding a microphone

Nate Olson started his working career in high school at a carwash. There, he met a mentor that recognized his talent and recruited him into the mortgage business. A natural entrepreneur, Nate eventually became the owner of his own mortgage business and then a remodeling business by his 20s. In 2002, Nate immersed himself in the storm repair business, and by 2008, he had built this part of his company up to a strong distribution system. Unfortunately, Nate came to lose much of what he had previously built during the recession. After encountering Jay, Nate understood the bright future promised by T-10 Construction.

Nate was managing sales representatives and customers when he and Jay established a relationship. They quickly found a common ground between them-they had been disappointed by the treatment from previous places of work. The motto between the pair became “We’re never going to deceive people and were going to pay people what they deserve,” and the notion remains to this day.

Currently, Jay handles the bulk of management and behind-the-scenes operations for T-10 Construction with the help of his wife, Angie, and Nate’s mother, Pam. Angie holds the title of office administrator for T-10 Construction-dealing with many essential business actions on a daily basis. Pam, another important member of the T-10 Construction family, helps the company manage finances. Nate is the head of sales for T-10 Construction, Nate manages his team and also mentors incoming sales representatives. They both knew starting their own business would be a difficult journey, long work hours, little pay and time away from family put a strain on these entrepreneurs. Once the business began to come together, it became clear to them both that their business felt like a very cohesive group, a family away from home. There are many other key players in the T-10 Construction company all pursuing the same hope for the company: Let’s make a great living by doing right by our customers. 

What T-10 Construction is Built On

There are many personal values that Jay and Nate wanted to see reflected in their company. Family is one of the most important virtues and the reason they strive to foster relationships with team members and allow employees time with their families at home. Also, T-10 Construction takes great pride in helping people with little hope for an affordable new roof and showing them that the T-10 Construction team truly cares and will go out of their way to make the process as smooth as possible. Finally, the team is always striving to improve the company. With tons of combined experience, this well-oiled machine is only getting better. These values and promises are what have set T-10 Construction apart from other construction companies and allow for those honest, fundamental relationships with clients.