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Construction Holiday Memories: A Year in Review

Construction Holiday Memories: A Year in Review

orange box that says :Construction Holiday Memories: a Year in Review

As the year wraps up and we reflect on the trials and triumphs that have passed, our T-10 team is filled with gratitude. A remarkable journey, this year has been filled with memories, pride, and growth. Join us in our stroll down memory lane to review the highlights of our unforgettable year. 


Our family is growing!

Our success would not be possible without the individuals who make up the heart of our company. 

We are delighted to welcome 5 new sales representatives to T-10. 

  • Kevin Stokke
  • Jonathan Ellars
  • Joshua Stensgard
  • Jon Stone
  • John Skeate

Additionally, we welcome Angelica Soto to the team as our Assistant Manager and invited 10 new door knockers to the team… 

Finally, there are 2 new babies on board. 

Each new team member brings us unique skills, expertise, and a passion for exceptional service. We can’t tell you enough how much we love our family.   

A new home base

Previously, the home office for T-10 Construction was located off of Highway 10 in Elk River. After our growth, we desperately required an upgrade. Our new location is in Oak Grove (1782 200th Ln NW, Oak Grove, MN 55011). Though this is our home base, we serve many areas in the Midwest, but focus on the central Twin Cities.  

Staggering achievements

In 2023, T-10 completed 767 roof replacements across the Midwest. WOW. On average, the US home is 17,000 square feet. That means T-10 replaced about 13,039,000 square feet of roof. Otherwise known as 13,039 squares. 

What is a square you ask? A square is an important unit used in the roofing industry. This measurement is used to price a roof and calculate the amount of material they will need to cover a roof. A roofing square is equal to 100 feet. 

Celebrating us

This year, we gathered the whole team together for celebration on two occasions. Our annual summer party and a Christmas party. In the fast-paced world of business, its times like these when our best memories are made. Without the stress of work, we get to enjoy the company of our team and their families with good food, drinks, and fun. 

At our Christmas party, we gave out awards to our well deserving employees. One of those awards was the invitation to Mexico. 

15 sales reps made the requirements to earn a trip to Mexico. In January of 2024, T-10 will have a beach takeover. 

A man receives an award from another man holding a microphone.

Starting traditions

As part of our commitment to community engagement, we were elated to join the Anoka Halloween Parade. This festive occasion brings endless joy, smiles, and cheer for thousands of individuals. We look forward to participating in the Halloween Capital of the World’s event again next year. 

Keep an eye out

Now that we’ve covered the exciting news of the past, we want to plant a seed. There are many fun surprises coming your way in the year of 2024. Keep an eye out for updates on these on our social media channels!

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