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Do You Need To Replace a Leaky Roof?

Do You Need To Replace a Leaky Roof?

Do You Need To Replace a Leaky Roof

If your roof is leaking, DO NOT panic! Yes, your roof is the aspect of your home that keeps you and your family safe. Likewise, It is important that you address a leaky roof as soon as possible as water to the structure of your home will cause further damage. 

Signs of a leaky roof


  • Mold: This is an indicator that moisture is entering your home. 
  • Water rings: Often times moisture will leave rings or bubble the paint on the ceiling


  • Shingles: Check your roof for missing, damaged, cracked, and curling shingles
  • Flashing: Ensure the flashing on the roof is sealed properly and there are no cracks
  • Gutters: Ensure that water flows through your gutters properly without overflow

What causes a leaky roof?

A roof leak may be caused by a few factors. 

  • Cracked flashing
  • Ice dams
  • Poor ventilation
  • Missing/ cracked shingles
  • Shallow roof slopes

What to do

The extent of the damage will determine whether or not a full roof replacement is needed. Furthermore, the age of your roof may be a indicator how you should move forward. 

If your roof is on the newer side, a few damages or missing shingles may be cost-effective to repair. However, If the damage goes deeper and involves an aging roof or multiple layers of roofing materials, a partial or full replacement is likely going to be the solution. 

Majority of leaks may be solved by a repair, however, in some cases, a replacement may be necessary. 


Your best line of defense against a roof leak is to regularly inspect your roof for signs of damage and address them to mitigate risks. A roof that leaks is a threat to your home’s integrity that should be taken seriously. Indeed, the quicker you find and address the problem causing your leaky roof, the better.

A roofing expert will have the best idea of what your roof needs moving forward. Finally, If you are sure you have a leaky roof, be sure to contact a professional for a fool proof plan. 

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