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Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Roof Replacement?

Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Roof Replacement?

Does my homeowner's insurance cover my roof replacement

When trouble with your roof occurs, it is hardly ever at a convenient time. It is important to understand what homeowners’ insurance will cover and how to file a claim in order to offset some of your worry. 

It should be said that insurance will cover roof and structural damage the majority of the time. Homeowner’s insurance will cover damage caused by events such as wind, hail, falling trees, and fire.

Importantly, certain details of your policy may vary, insurance could cover repair, replacement and you may need to pay a deductible. Under certain conditions, different policies also have exclusions.

What is generally covered by homeowners insurance?

Impact damage

A tree falling or significant hail is often times covered under insurance.  These types of events can cause major structural or shingle damage.

Storm damage

Whether it is extreme downpour that causes leaks or strong winds that tear off the shingles, storm damage is normally under the umbrella of insurance coverage. 


Typically, fire is covered by insurance even if “natural disasters” is not included in your policy.

What is not covered by homeowners insurance?

An aged roof

Everything we own has an expected lifespan, and for some things more than others, it is important to keep that lifespan in mind. 

 Oftentimes, insurance companies will not offer coverage for roofs that surpassed their life expectancies. 

In order to avoid this risk, we recommend that you consider the replacement of your roof before it is too late. 


Thought maintenance will ensure a longer lifespan of your roof, there is more motivation to perform roof checks. In the case that you are not respectful to your roof, insurance will often recognize that.

It is important that you maintain your roof by removing algae growths, clearing your gutters, and getting rid of debris.

By doing this, your insurance company cannot use neglect as a reason to deny your claim.

Improper installation

Weather it was a DIY project, or unprofessional roofers, insurance companies to not cover improper installation.

Always check into the roofing company you hire and do your research. While searching for a cheaper roof may seem appealing, investing into a good roof is most likely going to save you money in the long run.

Go professional!

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Wrapping up, insurance mostly covers instances of extreme weather or accidents. It is a homeowner’s responsibility to understand their roof’s needs in order to have a solid claim that is unlikely to get denied.  We hope that we have provided you some guidance to your roofing needs.

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