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Holiday Decorations: 5 Tips for Safely Decorating Your Roof

Holiday Decorations: 5 Tips for Safely Decorating Your Roof

Picture of christmas lights on a house covered by an orange box with the text that reads, "Holiday Decorations: 5 Tips for Decorating Your House."

We understand the competition that comes along with holiday decorations. Once the neighbors see your inflatable snowmen, and bright LED lights, everyone gets into the spirit of the holidays. 

At the same time that holiday decorations increase the joy and spirit, they can also cause unnecessary damage to the home. This segways into our important recommendations which is how do I safely secure my holiday decorations. 

 T-10 Construction has been in the Midwest’s roofing industry for over 25 years, and we will teach you everything you need to know about safely securing your holiday decor in the cold winter months. 

Let’s get you through the holiday season with a leak-free roof AND the best decorations on the block.

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Avoid walking on your roof

We know the view might be better from on top of your roof. Generally speaking, it should be safe to walk on your roof. However, avoiding this and/or shortening its duration is the best practice. 

Walking on your roof, among other things can cause granule loss and granule wear and tear.  But most importantly, the added danger of cold weather and ice may cause slips/falls. 

Wear slip resistant shoes

If you do need to walk on your roof, consider the shoes you are wearing carefully. A roof becomes much more dangerous in the cold weather, but we understand holiday decorations are important too. Select a pair of shoes with tread and traction to reduce slips. 

Hiking shoes walking on green grass

Use Gutter Clips

Before installing anything, you should have a plan. Decide where you want the lights to be placed and ensure they are safe to access. 

DO NOT use nails, tacks, screws,  or staples to secure lights. This is a sure way to cause permanent damage to your roofing, gutters, or siding. 

There are a variety of gutter clips which can be used. Be sure to research how much line a clip can support (mostly ranging from 3-5 feet) and what lights they support. 

Christmas lights using gutter clips

Choose ladder placement carefully

When it comes to ladders, there’s a lot that can go wrong… First of all, choose the right ladder. Extension ladders should reach at least 4 rungs above the access point that you use to step onto the roof. Additionally, the placement of the ladder is important. It should be on level ground without the risk of slipping. 

Finally, do not carry heavy items up the ladder. The Alternative is to ascend the ladder safely and then use a rope to haul up heavy items. 

Utilize the buddy system

Climbing ladders and walking on a roof alone is a safety risk. It is a no brainer that someone should secure the ladder for you and be there to assist if any accidents occur. 

After all the hard work with holiday decorations, you can enjoy a warm fire, hot cocoa, and some Christmas music with your buddy. 


If you enjoy a festive home, we encourage the holly jolly that comes along with it. But the first priority is safety. Follow our 5 tips for decorating your roof. If getting on a roof feels unsafe, you could utilize other types of decorations such as yard inflatables and projection lights. We hope your holiday decorations beat the neighbor’s this year, just remember to BE SAFE. 

Is your roof demonstrating leaks, damage, or old age, call T-10 Construction for a FREE inspection and estimate!