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How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

How much does a roof replacement cost?

The Average Cost to Replace a Roof

Before you dive too deep: It must be said that all roofs are different and not all roofers charge the same. On average, $15,000 is the average roof replacement cost. This estimate is based on a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom home with a walkable roof pitch, little to no roof complexity, and architectural asphalt shingles.

Things to think about

There are lots of aspects to account for when calculating the cost of a roof replacement. Consider the following…

  • cost of labor
  • size
  • shape
  • materials
  • skylights
  • chimneys
  • vents

Last and not least, do not forget the hassle of disposing your old roofing material. A majority or roofing companies will have a dumpster directly on scene.

Calculating a roof replacement cost

Find the Ground Dimensions

To begin calculating, finding the ground dimension of a home is where all the fun begins. In order to find the square footage, measure the length and width of your home and multiply them to find the area. This method may need to be repeated for sections of your house if the whole building is not a perfect rectangle. Once the total square footage is found, divide it by 100 to arrive at the number of roofing squares needed.

Measure the Roof Pitch

A roof’s pitch allows liquid to run off the roof or allows more living space on the top floor of a home. For the sake of finding this measurement, you will find the rise of the roof within one square foot. Measure the height between the bottom of the roof and one foot from the end (keep it level with a carpenter’s level).

Identify the Roof Pitch

Each roofing square is 100 square feet. If your roof is low-pitch (less than 6 inches), multiply the number of squares by 1.06 to find the existing number of roofing squares. Complete this action for a medium-pitch roof (6-9 inches) but instead multiply by 1.20; For a high-pitch roof (more than 9 inches) multiply the number of squares by 1.36.

Additional Fees

Roofing materials are all priced by square. Multiply the number of roof squares with the cost per square of your desired roofing material. You will also need to add in the price for various materials such as the underlayment, nails, fasteners, etc.

Price the Installation

Finally, the last step in this equation is adding the price of installation. Roofing companies often times price installation per square however, do not forget the extra fees for additional labor. Some instances that require this additional labor could be; repair to the roof deck, extremely steep roof pitch, or an excessive amount of peaks and valleys to trim.

Finding an Accurate Estimate

In order to get the most accurate roof replacement cost, we advise that you get an estimate and inspection from a local roofing construction company. If you get into contact with local roofing pros, they will have the best roof replacement cost estimate because they know the area best, and a majority of the time, an inspection and estimate are free!

What to expect from in an estimate from roofing pros

The majority of a roof replacement quotes include:

  • installation of an underlayment
  • drip-edge flashing
  • re-flashing
  • disposal of old roofing materials (up to two layers of shingles)
  • water & ice protection (required by city code)
  • The quote may also involve a 5-10 year workmanship warranty from the installer. 

Did you know?

As of 2022, the national average for price for a roof replacement is $4.50/ square foot


There are many factors that go into the total cost of a roof replacement like material, size, shape, additional fees, and of course installation. 

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