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Roofing Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe While on a Roof

Roofing Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe While on a Roof

By getting on to a roof, you increase your risk for injury. From DIY projects to professional roofing jobs, safety should be taken very seriously. Falling from a roof can result in severe injury and death.

By following the roofing safety tips that we provide in this blog post, you can significantly minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

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Conduct a Risk Assessment

Before you grab your ladder, you must survey the work area for hazards. These hazards may loose gutters, powerlines, weak area, etc. Once identified, mitigate these risks to give you less reason for injury. 

Did you know 52% of electrical fatalities in the US workplace are in the construction industry? 

Use Adequate Safety Equipment

When it comes to safety equipment, don’t cut corners. Our recommendations of PPE required while working on a roof include, but are not limited to…

Safety harness: Properly fit a safety harness to your body and locate a sturdy anchor point. This harness will provide comfort and back-up in the event your trip/fall. 

Non-slip footwear: To maintain grip, invest in both sturdy and non-slip footwear. This is especially important in wet conditions.

Safety goggle & gloves: Can you imagine if debris flew into your eyes while on top of a dangerous roof? Safety goggles will prevent any eye injury or an accident from impaired vision. Also, wear a thick pair of work gloves that protect your skin from any sharp edges. 

Hearing protection: This is standard practice when working with loud tools and equipment. 

Respiratory: Oftentimes, you may be working with chemicals up on roof. It’s important to breath clean at all times. 

Practice Ladder Safety

For most homes, a ladder is needed to get on the surface of a roof. Select a ladder that fits your height and weight requirements. Furthermore, stabilize the base of the ladder with stabilizers, braces, or a friend. Finally, embrace three points of contact with the ladder at all times. 

Exercise Proper Tool Handling

Before you get on the ladder, be sure to understand the workings of the tool. Your first use of a new tool should never be on the ladder. These tools should be secured in belts or pouches to mitigate the risk of them falling from the elevated height. 

Bring a Friend

Like many housing projects, repairs or roof projects can be a team effort. It’s safer to have a partner that can both keep an eye you and assist with your needs. By communicating your plans, movements and hazards, a partner will no doubt increase your safety. 

Keep an Eye on the Forecast

Absolutely avoid getting on to the roof during rain, strong wind, and extreme temperatures. These conditions pose slippery surfaces, poor visibility and exhaustion. Plan your project with roofing safety in mind for favorable weather conditions. 


Does OSHA require a harness on roofs?

Yes, OSHA requires harnesses for workers on a steep roof with edges 6 feet or more above a lower level on construction sites. Harnesses are used in addition to anchorage, connectors, lanyards, deceleration devices and lifelines. 

What are the most common roofing accidents?

According to NIOSH, the most common accidents reported in the roofing industry are trips, slips, and falls. These are among the other numerous reports of cuts, punctures, respiratory problems, electrocution, burns, and more. 

Do I need professional assistance for roof safety?

Roofing professionals can identify potential hazards, implement proper safety precautions, and stay on top of local building codes and safety regulations. It’s always advisable to involve a professional in your project. 


When it comes to roofing repairs, roofing safety must remain the top priority. 

By implementing these roofing safety tips, you will greatly increase overall safety. Never forget your risk assessment beforehand, adequate safety equipment, ladder safety, proper tool handling, a friend, and weather checks. Stay safe out there and do your chores with accident prevention in mind!

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