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Spring Roof Cleaning: 6 Essential Tips

Spring Roof Cleaning: 6 Essential Tips

Spring Roof Cleaning

Can you believe spring is right around the corner? The countdown is on and what better way to get ahead of the game then to start your spring-cleaning checklist. Our T-10 Construction Roofing experts have put together a list of the spring roof cleaning essentials. 


Aside from your typical idea of spring cleaning –dusting, decluttering, emptying the fridge, etc– it is important that your roof gets some attention too. Start that to-do list and make sure your roof’s needs make it too. 

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Why it is important to clean your roof?

Roofs endure a lot throughout the winter. From icicles, ice dams, heavy snow, and frigid temps. 

While you should check on your roof regularly, it is especially important in the spring to catch onto any problems before they become more expensive. Some roofing problems can lead to foundation damage.

6 tips for roof cleaning

All of T-10 Construction’s best roofers have put together a list of the 6 most important task to perform this spring.

Clean the gutters

No matter the season, gutters will always need cleaning so make it a regular task. Wind can carry small debris into your gutter year-round. 


We recommend wearing gloves to protect your hands from any sharp elements. Be on the lookout for any atypical gutter conditions as well. This may include corrosion, faulty fasteners, and sagging.

Look for damage

Roof damage can take on many forms. Regardless the problem, it is always best to handle it right away. We also recommend that you document this damage to use in a possible claim.

Some things you can look for in any roofing material is cracks, holes, dents, and separation. 

Remove debris

After the long hard winter, your roof is destined to have debris around, on, and in your roofing elements. Find debris of any kind on your roof and be sure to clean them off as soon as possible. 

With added moisture, sitting debris means higher risk for mildew growth. 

If you are cleaning your roof without a professional, we recommend a secure ladder with a friend holding it steady, stable shoes, and work gloves.

To clean off debris, you can use a rake and a leave blower to reach those elements. We do not recommend stepping foot on the roof itself

Check your ceilings and attic

Always keep an eye out for signs of water damage in your attic and on the ceilings. Sometimes, faults in your roofing system will appear on the inside before the outside. 

 If you see any signs of a leak or mold (especially a smell), it is important to call a professional immediately.

Replaced damaged shingles

Along with the great damages that will accumulate from a long winter, deteriorated shingles is among one of the most important to fix. Shingles are your roof’s first line of defense against water damage. Some examples of damage include curling, cracked, missing, and separating shingles. 

You can address some of these problems yourself like nailing the shingle back into place, but if you are uncertain or uncomfortable with the task, contacting a professional roofing company is the best course of action.

Give your roof a wash

When spring cleaning rolls around, your roof wants a wash too and clearing debris is not always enough. 

In the past, the most popular option has been to utilize a pressure washer to remove dirt from the rooftops. While effective in removing dirt/mold, this method poses risk of shingle damage.

There is an alternative called soft washing. This type of wash involves a cleaning chemical that does a better job of keeping your shingles safe but also removes mold and mildew. There are many options to consider for roofing cleaners. They can typically be purchased for around $30.00-$50.00.

If this task is unappealing, you can always hire a professional. Did you know that roof cleaning is a real service? Visit the Roof Cleaning Institute of America to learn more.


Adding your roof as a priority on your spring-cleaning checklist is an essential for your roof’s long-term health. Not only will you prevent further damage to your roof by removing things like mold and debris, but it also increases your homes curb appeal. This is a task that you do not want to cut corners on. 

Important: We always recommend that you hire a professional to take care of the dangerous tasks around your home. You should always play it safe. If you are a do-it-yourself homeowner, engage in the proper precautions.

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